Midwest Sensibility Meets Silicon Valley Tech in Plain Old DevOps

How one Oshkosh company empowers companies through integrative technology

Kristen Gough
On Wednesday, December 4, 2019 - 23:45
Plain Old DevOps in Oshkosh, WI

The Midwest is no longer an afterthought when it comes to the latest trends in technology. Entrepreneurs are creating hubs of tech-forward companies throughout the Midwest, leading some market-trend watchers to dub the area, Silicon Prairie. 

Oshkosh, in particular, has received national notice as a tech hotbed, garnering ZipRecruiter’s No. 3 ranking in 2018 for Under-the-Radar Cities with Great Tech Career Opportunities. One company that’s setting the stage for a continued Midwest tech boom is 3-year-old Plain Old DevOps, which guides companies in using technology-based solutions to meet business challenges. 

“Often, a company will purchase a new technology assuming it will help, the company spends a great deal of capital implementing it and then realizes that while the new software ‘solution’ helps in some areas, it simultaneously generates overhead elsewhere,” explains Casey Niemuth, CEO and one of PODO’s founders. 

PODO bridges the gap between the available tech innovations and how a company needs to be using that technology. The company is certified in several prominent software and system integration services and cloud-based technologies, such as the Node.js run-time environment, Docker, Amazon Web Services and MuleSoft. Using this expertise, they work with companies to develop customized tech solutions. 

“What PODO does for companies is to use cutting-edge technology to allow multiple divisions of the company, whether it’s logistics, finance or marketing, to be integrated so the systems can talk back and forth,” says Andy Kriz, PODO’s Chief Marketing Officer. “Getting information and data collection is then quicker, faster, stronger and more secure.” 

Recently, PODO worked with Care Partners & Country Terrace, which has 35 facilities throughout Wisconsin, to move from paper to digital technology for patient charting programs. Through making this change, staff and nurses at the company that provides assisted living, dementia care and respite care, will have more time to devote to patients and less time filling in paperwork. 

Incorporating technology has other benefits to both patients and staff: The company saves on paper costs while becoming more efficient and having greater capabilities to collect information on patient care. 

“Our goal with the technology integration for Care Partners & Country Terrace was to help them use the best available technology to better meet the needs of their staff and their patients,” Kriz says. “At PODO, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all approaches to technology.” 

PODO is using that same approach – of pairing the latest technology with real-life uses to benefit companies – to bring additional recognition to the region, and Oshkosh, as a tech innovator. 

As Kriz explains: “PODO, simply put, realizes the potential we have in the Midwest – not only to embrace technology but also to be leaders in molding the future of technology.”

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Kristen J. Gough is an award-winning travel writer whose lived across the country, from New York to Michigan, Colorado to Ohio.