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9 Best Themed Hotels & Inns in America

From the belly of a Beagle to a Dolly Parton fever dream, you'll want to add each of these hotels to your bucket list.

By Dmytryk Carreño on July 20, 2021

Pueblo CO Abriendo Inn Exterior

The world is opening back up. Our bodies and minds are in need of a collective breath of fresh air. There are stimulus checks to be spent and vaccination cards to flaunt! So now that you can start going places, where will you go? You don’t want to tromp the obvious joints, the been there done that spots but you really don’t want to risk your time and money on someplace you’ve never been that might end up being a skeezy, bot-reviewed flophouse.

You want someplace special, someplace unique and charming and fun and with that all-important yet somehow ambiguous trait we all seek – atmosphere. But, most of all, you want something different. Quirky, even.

You came to the right place.

As our title promises, these are the nine very best hotels and inns with a theme.


9. Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort

Nice, CA
Starting us off, we have the Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort. This train station-inspired resort sports 9 “rooms” that are built in old train cars, each with its unique theme. Choose from the lighthearted Midnight in Paris Caboose, the playful Casablanca Caboose or the oh-so-romantic La Loose Caboose. And if that’s not your scene, they even have an Easy Rider Caboose with a real Harley in the room!

The spot, located in Nice, CA, is lush with greenery and loads of lakeside activities for all you outdoorsy folks and wine country is right in their backyard. Humble as its name might imply, it appears as if Nice is hosting something much more than that.

8. Old St. Francis School Hotel

Bend, OR
Maybe a catholic school is not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fun and frivolity – but in Bend, they do things differently. The Old St. Francis School Hotel is a converted schoolhouse that boasts 60 rooms, complete with restored and refurbished classrooms and murals of student artwork adorning the walls! Take a dip in their gorgeously tiled pool, have a beer from their onsite brewery, catch a flick at their movie theater, even wander hidden hallways and explore a secret bar! And did I mention they can accommodate pets? Yes, Captain Fido can join the fun.

This place is a real class act! (Forgive me, I couldn’t help myself.)


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7. Wherehouse Art Hotel

Winston-Salem, NC
Okay, this place is a mega artsy, ultra hipster, totally out-there spot drenched in unique and one-of-a-kind artwork. Its casual and familiar aesthetic invites you to let loose and go slow, to take it all in and not take it so seriously. Vintage furniture, featured local artists on every wall…you won’t find anything else like it. Rooms at the Wherehouse Art Hotel are opening back up slowly (one by one), so if you love the sound of this place, you better scoop one up quickly!


6. The Abriendo Inn

Pueblo, CO
This turn-of-the-century converted mansion is quite the structure. Four stories, six beautifully decorated rooms, and it’s walking distance from the shopping, dining and historic sites of Pueblo. Each of the six suites has its own unique aesthetic. We recommend paying a visit to the Abriendo Inn’s Apache-Comanche suite because who doesn’t want to feel like a fancy, victorian-era adventurer for a couple of nights? Bonus tip: Be sure to check out the city’s secret neon museum hidden in a tucked away alley.


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5. Dog Bark Park Inn

Cottonwood, ID
I don’t need to ask if you’ve ever had a dream of waking up inside of the tummy of a giant beagle; I already know you have. So you’d better be sitting down when I tell you that your dreams are about to come true. Welcome to the Dog Bark Park Inn.

This place is unique in many ways, not least of which is that it’s literally shaped like a massive dog. It’s also unique because there’s only one room! Sitting on lots of land and lush grass, decorated from head to toe in doggish things and trinkets and brimming with charm. When you’re inside the beagle, you have the beagle all to yourself. See? Dreams really do come true.

4. Landoll’s Mohican Castle

Loudonville, OH
Yes, this is a real castle…When you stay at Landoll’s Castle, you will feel like royalty. The attention to detail is incredible and because it’s built on 30 acres, there’s so much to explore it’s sure to take you several days to take in all this stunning location has to offer. And what’s a castle without a few ghosts, right? After your delicious dinner and cocktail, be sure to book your evening ghost tour.


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3. Winivan Farm

Morris, CT
It’s not the only place on this list with uniquely decorated and themed rooms but it’s safe to say that these rooms are some of the nicest of the bunch because they’re not just rooms – they’re luxury cottages! With 19 gorgeously furnished cottages, Winivan Farm is sure to take your breath away.

There’s a Treehouse Cottage, a Helicopter Cottage (trust me, they make it work) and, a personal favorite, the Library Cottage! Throw in a top-notch dining experience and a spa, and you can be sure you’ll never want to leave until you experience all 19 spaces.


2. Cherokee Vineyard

Grand Junction, CO
Like wine? Instead of staying at a nice hotel and driving to a wine tasting, why not stay at a functioning vineyard and have the best of both worlds? Book a room in the Cherokee Vineyards, you can kick back and relax surrounded by the mind-blowing beauty of Colorado while channeling your inner sommelier.


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1. The Madonna Inn

San Luis Obispo, CA
I’ve saved my favorite for last.

The Madonna Inn is an audacious and colorful, wild and posh explosion of panache. You have never seen anything like it. If Dolly Parton had a NyQuil-induced fever dream, this place would be it. The highlight colors are pink and gold, rose patterns and cascading stone waterfalls greet you in the lobby and there’s top-notch dining and loads of activities, like a pool, horseback riding, and pink tennis courts. Oh, and you have 110 distinctly themed rooms to choose from.

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