At Abilene's 5D Custom Hats, the Fit Is Always Right

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011 - 05:47

For a few lucky people in this world, work is not an obligation but a passion. Damon Albus, the owner of 5D Custom Hats and Leathers in Abilene, is one of those fortunate few.

“I’ve had my store for 10 years, and I still have yet to have a day where I have to go to work,” he says. “I get to go to work.”

He stays at the shop sometimes until the wee hours of the morning making hats, wallets, purses and even cowboy cell phone holsters.

Some people get so enthralled in a book that they can’t turn out the lights.

“That’s the way the leather is for me,” he says. “I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out.”

After a decade, business is still clip­ping right along, he says.

“I’ve got everything from the bank president to the, sure enough, cowboy day worker. And I’ve got everybody in between,” he says.

Albus custom designs his hats, which run from $220 to $650.

“I tell people when they put it on that I take the break-in out of the hat. So when you put it on, it fits,” he says.

Albus won’t let his customers pay for their goods up front. Instead, he creates them, and the customer pays when, and if, they’re happy.

“If that customer’s not 100 percent satisfied with it, I will do it again,” he says. “I do strive to make everybody happy. Now granted, you’re not ever gonna make everybody happy, and I realize that, but I don’t quit until I’m absolutely out of chances.”