Amarillo, TX Restaurants Revolve Around Steak and Burgers

In Amarillo, it's all about the beef, and red meat eaters are in for a treat.

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Texas Steak Houses
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In Amarillo, it's all about the beef, and red meat eaters are certainly in for a treat.


Since the Big Texan Ranch opened in Amarillo more than four decades ago, nearly 42,000 people from around the world have accepted the 72-ounce-steak challenge – and about 8,000 have succeeded. The gimmick has made The Big Texan one of the best-known restaurants in North America – and an attraction for travelers along busy Interstate 40. Of course, lesser appetites are accommodated at The Big Texan, too.


At David's Steaks & Seafood, you won't find any 72-ounce challenges, but you will find high-quality steaks in a fine-dining atmosphere. After undergoing recent renovations, David's has reopened with an updated dining room, bar area and menu. Their signature dish is a marinated filet, but whether you're craving a big steak, fresh seafood or just a juicy burger, David's won't disappoint.


You'll also find plenty of burger joints in Amarillo. Blue Sky serves up your classic burger, fries and shakes in a classic casual setting. If a burger doesn't call to you, plenty of salads, sandwiches and hot dogs round out the impressive menu. Buns Over Texas is a burger bar that lets the customers make the rules. Once the bun is done, the customer is free to pile on whatever condiments they please. But the place may be better for known for its famous cheese fries or, oddly enough, for its tea bar. Tea and burgers may not be the best known combination, but locals rave that the two can't be beat. Other burger joints in the area include Bill's Go Burger, Dale's Grand Burger and K-N Root Beer Drive-In.


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