Shopping in Amarillo, TX

Whether you enjoy perusing packed shopping malls, rumaging through thrift stores or hunting for the perfect antique, Amarillo has plenty of options to satisfy every shopper.

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Shopping in Amarillo, TX
Brian McCord

Whether you enjoy perusing packed shopping malls, rumaging through thrift stores or hunting for the perfect antique, Amarillo has plenty of options to satisfy every shopper.


Amarillo's downtown district is home to several thrift stores, each offering a variety of interesting finds that won't bust your budget.

Visit Thrift City 1, Thrift City 2 or Thrift City 3 to stock up on clothing, household items, furniture, toys and other goods. Each of these stores are operated by the Downtown Women's Center and receive a large portion of their merchandise from local agencies and churches.

Other thrifty options located near Amarillo's downtown area include Amarillo Mission Thrift Store, Consignment Treasures, The Consignment Company, Got Junk Thrift Store, Guppy's Thrift Store and Junk 'n Treasure.

Historic Route66 District

Amarillo's 2,400-mile-long Historic Route66 District offers a variety of retailers, with an emphasis on antique and specialty shops.

Those interested in older items may enjoy Texas Ivy Antiques, a shop located in a 1920's home with merchandise including glassware, furniture and toys, or the 6th St. Antique Mall, which comprises more than 45 vendors.

Other shops offering antiques include The Mustard Seed, Copper Horse Antiques, San Jacinto Antiques, Pink Flamingo Antiques, Whispering Pine Antiques and Town n Country Antiques Mall.

To find modern merchandise, check out Seven Brothers Mercantile, Apple Annie's Formal Wear, Route 66 Costume Castle and Pam's Quilting Corner.

Westgate Mall

Those seeking an array of stores conveniently located under one roof can visit the Westgate Mall, offering department stores including Dillard's and JCPenney, as well as retailers such as Buckle, American Eagle and Express.

Wolflin Village

Located in the heart of Amarillo, Wolfin Village is home to a variety of shops offering apparel, accessories and gifts.

To spruce up your wardrobe, visit Marcella Furs & Leather, Raffkind's, Talbots and Boots N' Jeans.

If you're searching for the perfect gift item, head to Et Cetera, which offers merchandise such as fragrances and bath and beauty products, or see what Panache, Little Brown House and JBS Linens have to offer.

Village Antique Mall

When it comes to one-stop antique shopping, Village Antique Mall has you covered.

This mall is ideal for trendsetters, offering apparel, accessories and home décor that cannot be found elseware. In addition, a personal shopping service is available, making the task of finding the perfect item that much easier.





Thrift City 1: 814 Southwest 10th Ave. (806) 372-8564.

Thrift City 2: 600 SW 10th Ave. (806) 331-4972.

Thrift City 3: 525 SW 10th Ave. (806) 331-6879.

Amarillo Mission Thrift Store: 500 South Harrison St.

Consignment Treasures: 1936 Civic Cir. (806) 353-6676.

The Consignment Company: 2821 Civic Cir. (806) 331-6129.

Got Junk Thrift Store: 1600 South Washington St. (806) 331-6626.

Guppy's Thrift Store: 412 Southwest 10th Ave. (806) 282-5850.

Junk 'n Treasure: Version: 616 S. Harrison St. (806) 220-7616.


Historic Route66 District

Texas Ivy Antiques: 3511 Southwest 6th Ave.

6th St. Antique Mall: 2715 Southwest 6th Ave. (806) 374-0459.

The Mustard Seed: 3323 Southwest 6th Ave. (806) 376-9209.

Copper Horse Antiques: 923 Southwest 6th Ave. (806) 373-1100.

San Jacinto Antiques: 2900 Southwest 6th Ave. (806) 372-3665.

Pink Flamingo Antiques: 3120 Southwest 6th Ave.  (806) 236-3815.

Whispering Pine Antiques: 2727 Southwest 6th Ave.

Town n Country Antiques Mall: 2811 Southwest 6th Ave. (806) 373-3607.

Seven Brothers Mercantile: 2920 Southwest 6th Ave.

Apple Annie's Formal Wear: 3009 Southwest 6th Ave.

Route 66 Costume Castle: 3001 Southwest 6th Ave.

Pam's Quilting Corner: 3614 Southwest 6th Ave.


Westgate Mall: 7701 W Interstate 40 #140


Wolflin Village

Marcella Furs & Leather: 2611 Wolflin Vlg.

Raffkind's: 2205 S. Georgia

Talbots: 2627 Wolflin Vlg.

Boots N' Jeans: 2225 S Georgia St.

Et Cetera: 2610 Wolflin Vlg.

Panache: 2601 Wolflin Vlg.

Little Brown House: 2612 Wolflin Vlg.

JBS Linens: 2614 Wolflin Vlg.


Village Antique Mall: 2711 Stanley St.



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