Corpus Christi Real Estate Includes Family Friendly and City Scene

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Corpus Christi proves to be an appealing destination for many. It offers a beach-side city that's more affordable than most, with an exciting downtown area and surrounding communities suitable for families.


Northern Corpus Christi has many great neighborhoods for newcomers to choose from. Ingleside, a small town just north of Corpus, is the former home to the Ingleside Naval Station and a convenient place for many to settle. Located just over the harbor bridge, the small town of Portland is also a popular choice. It's small-community feel is ideal for families, and its location just outside the city limits makes it far from the bustle but close enough for convenience. The Calallen neighborhood is another good pick for families, with its own independent school district.



The Southside loosely encompasses everything south of South Padre Island Drive. It's an area that's seen a recent boom over the past few decades, and has become an increasingly popular place to live. Big residential areas like Yorkshire Estates and Brighton Village offer the typical neighborhood vibe. Brighton Village is home to a large park with a full basketball court and baseball diamond, perfect for families or anyone looking for some space. Those that prefer a more modern area will find what they're looking for in Lamar Park. Known for its shopping – some of the best in Corpus Christi – Lamar Park and nearby Doddridge offer a great residential area as well.



Living in Corpus Christi's Central Business District most likely means apartment living. And luckily for those looking to live close to the action, the city offers a number of complexes to choose from. In the heart of downtown, there's places like 21 Lofts, Limerick Apartments and the posh Princess Apartments. If you'd rather live “almost” downtown, The Atlantic Lofts and The Broadway offer the almost-full downtown experience, minus the city bustle.



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