STEM Program at Moody High a Success

Graduates from the Innovation Academy for Engineering, Environmental and Marine Science are already making tracks toward top-notch careers.

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The list is already impressive, and Tina Dellinger of Moody High School believes it's only going to become more so in time.

Just a few years after Moody High School began its STEM program, known as the Innovation Academy for Engineering, Environmental and Marine Science, a growing group of graduates from the program are enrolling in a who's who list of universities.

"We have students at MIT in computer science and electrical engineering, as well as some at UT-Austin in computer science," says Dellinger, dean for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) instruction and student services at Moody High. "There are some at Texas A&M in College Station in various engineering programs, at Stephen F. Austin in environmental science, and many at A&M in Kingsville and Corpus Christi.

"I wish the state had a way to capture the data of students after they graduate, because if they could, we would see that we're doing much, much better than we thought we were," she says.

Implemented six years ago, Moody High's STEM program – one of around 56 throughout Texas – enrolls 300 of Moody's 1,700 students.

"We have an incredibly strong robotics program that has really taken off," Dellinger says. "We participate in both land robotics and underwater robotics. It gives an example of how we blend the environmental and marine science with the engineering."

While Moody High is the only school in the Corpus Christi ISD with a complete STEM program, the district has proposed to create its first elementary school magnet program to specialize in science, technology, engineering and math. If the proposal is approved, the program will be implemented at Garcia Elementary School.


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