Ports to Plains Project in Del Rio, TX

On Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 15:25

While Laughlin Air Force Base generates an economic force through the air, another project is underway to keep the Del Rio economy moving on the ground. The Ports-to-Plains Alliance involves officials from nine states along a 2,300-mile corridor from Del Rio to Alberta, Canada. The Alliance has helped raise funds for major transit and infrastructure projects along the corridor, including the creation of State Loop 79 around Del Rio. The $102.7-million project will enable truck traffic to avoid passing through the downtown area.

“Port-to-Plains is going to be a major trade corridor for energy, agriculture, you name it. And State Loop 79 is a piece of that corridor,” says Al Arreola, Jr., executive director of the Del Rio Chamber of Commerce. “Most of the corridor is complete with the exception of from San Angelo to Del Rio. We’re just waiting on that final portion and it will be complete from Mexico all the way to Canada. This is a really, really big deal.”

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