Val Verde Regional Medical Center in Del Rio, TX

Val Verde Regional Medical Center CEO Polly Davenport discusses the hospital's importance to the Del Rio, TX community.

Kevin Litwin
On Friday, May 18, 2012 - 16:50
Del Rio, TX

When Polly Davenport decided to accept the job at Val Verde Regional Medical Center, she arrived there with a lofty goal. Her mission was to establish the hospital as medically renowned not only in the Del Rio community, but throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

Davenport became CEO of Val Verde Regional in February 2009, and since then has been busy recruiting more top physicians and expanding the volume of medical services at the longstanding hospital. Her vision today continues to be to eventually meet all of the health-care needs for the fast-growing Del Rio community.

“We have been an important part of the history of Val Verde County for five decades and are proud of the fact that we serve patients regardless of their ability to pay,” Davenport says. “Simply said, we are health-care providers who care for the people of our community who need medical help.

Our sincere hope is that the residents of this region will trust our medical family to help care for your own families, should you ever need us.”

Davenport says Val Verde Regional is especially important to residents of Del Rio and the surrounding area because the next closest tertiary medical center is approximately 150 miles away. For that reason, she wants Val Verde Regional to continue building its hospital staff to provide as many medical services as possible.

“For example, we recently implemented inpatient renal dialysis specifically for our kidney patients so that if they do become ill, they don’t have to be transported to San Antonio or San Angelo,” she says. “We have excellent radiology and laboratory services on site, and excel in care whether a patient is an outpatient or needs to be admitted into our comfortable hospital setting.”

The medical center is also important to the local economy. It is one of the top 10 employers in Val Verde County with 350 employees, and 45 of those staff members have more than 25 years of service with the Del Rio facility.

Val Verde Regional has 50 registered nurses and three general surgeons on staff, along with four dentistry specialists. There is also a dietitian who oversees all meals served to patients admitted to the 93-bed medical center.

Departments at the hospital include obstetrics and gynecology, oncology, pediatrics, podiatry, nephrology, endocrinology and urology. There is also a women’s health center, a speech therapy program, cardiology procedures and orthopedic procedures.

“In addition, Val Verde Regional has a 24-hour Level IV trauma center, a 24-hour EMS service and around-the-clock intensive care services,” Davenport says. “We also offer a specific care program for senior adults as well as a hospice program. Our hospital has passionate people providing compassionate care.”

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