Del Rio, TX Connects with Mexico's Acuña

Strong relationship between the two cities extends from government officials to residents who cross the border to both work and play.

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Mexican/Texas border near Del Rio, TX
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 Located six miles away and just across the border from Del Rio is the Mexican city of Acuña. There is a strong relationship between the two cities that extends from government officials to residents who cross the border to both work and play.

“Del Rio is really nice for raising a family. We haven’t had any major negative incidents like other cities, and the lake benefits both sides of the border by bringing in tourists,” says Jorge Ramon, economic development director for the city of Acuña. “I actually live on both sides of the border, working in Mexico during the week and living in Del Rio on weekends. I have three kids, and the quality of life is really nice in Del Rio. We also like visiting my parents, who live in Del Rio.”

Local businesses such as Del Rio Feed & Supply and Plaza Del Sol Mall have benefited from being near the border, and Del Rio has been known to give support to Mexican towns. Del Rio and Acuña enjoy a great relationship and have partnered to help the region appeal to newcomers.

“The two mayors meet to discuss issues, and the two cities work together on prospects on both sides of the border,” Ramon says. “It’s a really nice relationship. We have international events together. And a lot of our population shops in Del Rio, which benefits their economy.”

A city of 160,000 people, Acuña is home to 70 industrial companies based in the United States. Roughly 2,500 of their 35,000 total employees live in Del Rio and work in Acuña, crossing the border every day to get to and from work.

“It only takes about five minutes to get across the border here, or 30 minutes if you’re in a large exporting truck,” Ramon says. “It’s fast and easy compared with other places along the border.”

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