Discover the Whitehead Memorial Museum in Del Rio, TX

The Whitehead Memorial Museum in Del Rio, TX showcases exhibits on the town's local history.

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Whitehead Memorial Museum in Del Rio, TX
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History buffs and curiosity seekers: Want to know more about Del Rio?

Whitehead Memorial Museum has been around since 1962, when noted local ranching family the Whiteheads purchased the old Perry Mercantile Building and donated it to Del Rio and Val Verde County. The family's only stipulation was that the building would be used to house a museum – and it is.

In fact, 20 exhibit sites are showcased in nine different buildings that occupy the site's two acres. Most of the exhibits pay tribute to 19th-century Del Rio.

Also on display are children's exhibits such as Dress-Up Corner as well as Wash Board, which shows how laundry was done before washing machines.

Find more on Del Rio's history.


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