Best Neighborhoods in Del Rio, TX

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 17:15
Del Rio

Del Rio is a pretty border city that connects with Ciudad Acuña. It is home to Laughlin Air Force Base, the busiest pilot training base in the nation. Many airmen and their families live off base in Del Rio, and several Air Force retirees continue to live in the city once their tours of duty end. Here are some examples of neighborhoods today that house Del Rio's 37,000 residents:

San Felipe and South Del Rio

Del Rio’s earliest neighborhoods, San Felipe and south Del Rio, are separated and bound by San Felipe Creek, and the creek and springs that feed it were among the key lures for the city's earliest entrepreneurs. San Felipe and south Del Rio still serve as preferred residential areas with their avenues overlapped by soaring pecans, oaks and sycamores, while small adobe or frame houses are interspersed with modern two-story homes.


Chihuahua is another popular residential community in the Southern part of Del Rio, located just northwest of Garfield Avenue, sandwiched between Las Vacas Street and the Union Pacific Railroad tracks. The cultural and spiritual hub of the barrio is St. Joseph Church, and Chihuahua also is known for UCO (United Civic Organization) Park.

Buena Vista

This sprawling Del Rio neighborhood has a number of subdivisions, with several having colloquial names – such as The Indian Reservation. The developer attempted a Native American theme with street names such as Arrowhead, Medicine Bow, Peacepipe, Tomahawk and White Feather.

Ceniza Hills

At the far northern margin of Del Rio city limits is the newest, upscale subdivision – Ceniza Hills. The neighborhood’s families are served by Buena Vista Elementary School.

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