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El Campo, Texas, Offers Small Town Life, Big City Amenities

The "Pearl of the Prairie" offers a unique opportunity for families to enjoy rural Texas living while staying reliably connected through fiber internet.

By Livability.com on March 28, 2023

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The Texas countryside is dotted with many small towns, some of which date back nearly two centuries or more. Indeed, Texas’ agricultural and ranching traditions run deep, instilling a respect for the land and natural beauty of the state, and helping to forge one of the South’s proudest and most venerable cultures. 

These traditions live on strongly in El Campo, a small Texas town that punches surprisingly above its weight. From its appealing rural lifestyle to numerous nearby outdoor recreation opportunities and its proximity both to Houston and to beautiful Gulf of Mexico beaches, El Campo’s many charms are attracting new residents and businesses from far and wide. 

And thanks to its connection to the advanced fiber-optic network provided by YK Communications, El Campo residents and businesses enjoy the same high speeds and reliability of any other major city in America. YK Communications’ high speed fiber internet is ideal for at-home professionals looking to relocate to a small town while still working remotely, or for any small business looking to improve its efficiency. 

Keep reading to learn why El Campo offers a unique opportunity for families to enjoy rural Texas living while staying close to major cities — and reliably connected online through fiber internet for both work and play!

Meet ‘The Pearl of the Prairie

From Spanish settlers to American cowboys, people have long been attracted to the rich, native grasses and fertile soil enveloping El Campo and the surrounding region. Cattle and prairie hay were El Campo’s two greatest stocks in trade, and its strategic location along a major railroad line helped grow the small town in the late 19th century. 

Indeed, it was a railroad station section house light glowing for miles and miles in the night that provides El Campo with its elegant nickname, “the Pearl of the Prairie.” Cowboys driving their cattle could eye the “pearl-like” light beaming out of El Campo as if it was a beacon across the range. They honored the town with that moniker and it’s endured to this day. 

Though proudly situated on the plains, El Campo is close enough to just about everything anyone could want in a small town Texas lifestyle, while still being just far enough away from the excesses of big city life and overbearing tourism to preserve the town’s authenticity. 

Close Enough to the City — But Far Enough Away

Located at the junction of Texas State Highway 71 and U.S. Route 59, El Campo is the largest city in Wharton County. El Campo is just over an hour to Houston and two hours to Corpus Christi, while Texas’ storied Gulf beaches can be reached in about an hour.

As Texas’ largest city — and America’s fourth largest overall — Houston is teeming with amenities. From outstanding colleges and universities, to major league sports teams, to excellent restaurants and shops — and the convenience of one of the world’s busiest airports — El Campo’s short drive to Houston is one of its greatest assets. 

But El Campo is equally fortunate to be just far enough away to avoid the traffic and noise of such a large metropolis, too! Thus, El Campo residents really do get the best of both worlds — small town living with big city amenities (and beaches) not too far away.  

Natural Beauty, Recreational Opportunities Are Abundant

El Campo’s location on the prairie and in southeast Texas’ coastal plain imbues it with a striking diversity of natural scenery to soak in — and to play in, too! Whether you’re traipsing through one of the town’s eight parks, or taking a short drive to lovely Gulf beaches or state parks, you’ll have plenty to keep your family busy outdoors.

Mustang Creek Recreation Area, about a 30-minute drive away, offers a peaceful wilderness refuge in south Texas. Largely untouched, its forests along Lake Texana are a haven for wildlife, especially eastern woodland birds. El Campo families enjoy a serene respite here, via boating, fishing and bird watching.

Another nearby gem is the Stephen F. Austin State Park. Its many nature trails are less than an hour’s drive from El Campo. Wilderness lovers can hike along miles of paths through hardwood forests and observe nature in the raw in the swamp, which is nestled deep in heart of the state park. 

Closer to town, El Campo families can splash around and cool off in the Lost Lagoon, a luxury RV campground with a Wibit water course. In town, an aquatics center provides more opportunities for swimming and water sports.

El Campo’s hunting and sportsman tradition is alive and well, too, with many outstanding hunting areas nearby. And the town’s museum displays a wide array of animal trophies collected over the years.

Gulf Beaches Are Just an Hour Away

Beyond the lovely prairie countryside and several nearby parks and natural areas, El Campo is fortunate to be close to another treasure — the beaches of the Gulf of Mexico. The Gulf’s warm water temperatures and friendly sandy beaches are famous. And several of south Texas’s best Gulf beaches are just a short drive away.

One of the top nearby beaches to explore and relax on is Matagorda Beach. A long island with dozens of miles of sandy beaches, Matagorda Beach provides phenomenal opportunities for sunning, swimming and seashell collecting. Overnight camping is also popular on this beach. El Campo residents can reach Matagorda Beach in about an hour, making it an easy day trip for families to take in the coast. 

Fiber Keeps Residents, Businesses Well-Connected

El Campo also stands out for the high-speed fiber internet the community is fortunate to have. Provided by YK Communications, fiber internet transmits data at speeds up to 20 times faster than cable. 

So you can be confident that your internet will be reliable and that multiple users can stream simultaneously on multiple devices. And with speeds up to 1 gigabyte per second, YK Communications’ internet service is as good as any up the road in Houston or any other large city in America! 

Don’t Sleep On El Campo, Texas!

A classic Texas small town, El Campo’s rural roots and convenience both to major Texas cities and beautiful Gulf Coast beaches are compelling. With gorgeous natural scenery, several parks and numerous outdoor recreational opportunities nearby, El Campo simply shines. 

And its high-speed fiber internet connection means you can enjoy the lifestyle you long for, without missing out on all the internet has to offer, whether for entertainment, work, or staying connected to family and friends anywhere else. For these and many other reasons, El Campo deserves our attention — and yours! 

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