Sadler’s Smokehouse in Texas Knows Barbecue

Calling all barbecue lovers

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Texas Barbecue
Antony Boshier

Calling all barbecue lovers. Try a slow-cooked, tender brisket to achieve a pit-smoke taste. Whether you’re dinning in or grilling out, Sadler’s Smokehouse has a unique taste worth shouting about.

Authentic taste takes time. In 1948 the first Sadler’s Smokehouse located in Henderson, Texas, opened with a menu as small as the building that housed the business. Harold Sadler later opened up his Sadler’s Smokehouse in Lufkin, Texas.

Today Sadler’s line of smoked meat products is sold in 7,200 locations throughout the United States. The East Texas company distributes to major grocery retailers, food service companies and national chain restaurants. Sadler’s operates in a 300,000-square-foot plant that houses the company’s headquarters and processing plant, on land that spans 40 acres.

Sadler’s still uses a 16-hour process with natural hardwood coals, the same pit smoking technique in 1948, to bring its products to perfection. So whether you choose premium fresh cut beef, pork, ribs or turkey, don’t forget your napkin.

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