Nightlife in McAllen, TX

Nightlife in McAllen, TX can be found in the 17th Street Entertainment District.

Karen Schwartzman
On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:21
McAllen, TX Nightlife

When the sun goes down, McAllen locals find themselves on 17th Street, where the nightlife scene is just getting started.

17th Street 

Now called the "Heart of the City," 17th Street wasn't always the height of McAllen nightlife. It came about as the result of an effort by the city to revitalize the area. In 2005, McAllen adopted the Heart of the City, a program that aimed to create a downtown scene, and 17th Street was designated the place to be.

The street now sports an impressive array of bars and nightclubs, aimed to attract young professionals looking to unwind. Previously, much of McAllen's night scene had consisted of college sports bars, but many of the new developments on 17th Street provide more of a lounge atmosphere and an opportunity for professional and personal networking. With over 40 clubs and restaurants, the strip has quickly become one of McAllen's top destinations, enjoyed by both residents and visitors alike.

Reasons to Move to McAllen

More Hot Spots

Hot spots include Shiraz Lounge, a restaurant by day and bar by night, and Boiler Room, one of 17th Street's early successes. Also on the strip is the live music bar Ambiente, the retro bar Chill and the Cine El Rey entertainment venue, among others.

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