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We break down the food scene in McAllen, TX to help you find the best restaurants for you.

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McAllen, TX Food Scene
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With over 600 eateries within the city limits, the diversity of the local flavor in McAllen defies conventions. From upscale dining delicacies to exotic Indian, Mediterranean, Thai and Korean cuisine, McAllen offers something to please any palette.

Tex Mex

Koko's Mexican Restaurant, created by Albert and Jorge Suarez, is a local legend. Koko's original downtown location was a "hole in the wall" that could only accommodate ten tables. Despite its diminutive size, by 2004 Koko's had become so successful that the Suarez brothers were able to move it to its current uptown location. With this new site, Koko's is now able to provide catering services and a more upscale atmosphere.

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Fine Dining and International Cuisine

Capellini's Italian Restaurant is an authentic, upscale presentation of an Italian eatery. In addition to an ample wine selection, Capellini's features such signature Italian dishes as salmone affumicato, fettuccine capellini and fusilli al pesto genovese.

Kohnami Restaurant and Sake Bar is a refreshing change of pace from common dining establishments. Kohnami offers high-quality seafood in both traditional and custom-created preparations, as well as a bountiful selection of sakes and wines and a full-service cocktail bar.

Bayou Grill brings a taste of Louisiana spice to McAllen. Bayou Grill serves items like po'boy sandwiches, oysters, crab cakes, gumbo, crawfish salad and fried pickles. However, Bayou Grill's true value lies in its specialty items like its bayou chicken and voodoo shrimp, its blackened mahi-mahi Florentine and crawfish etouffee. 

Classic Steakhouse

Santa Fe Steakhouse and Cantina represents the finest tradition of American steakhouses. While Santa Fe features live entertainment and a stylish, upscale atmosphere, its true passion lies in its finely cut meats and seafood. To complement these culinary foundations, Santa Fe offers a massive wine list and a diverse menu that features such unique items as quail, chicken zia and filet oscar.  

Food/Restaurants in McAllen, TX

Fresh and Organic Offerings

For more than 30 years, Klement's Grove has been growing and selling its own unique brand of citrus, which now includes more than 20 varieties of fruit such as grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, tangelos, kumquats and more.

Bell's Farm to Market brings freshly grown items like navel oranges, Texas pecans, avocados, Texas supersweet onions, unusual jams and jellies and other condiments to market. Open winter and spring, Bell's also is known for its freshly squeezed fruit juices available by the gallon.

The Farmer's Market at Alhambra is McAllen's source for the freshest local, sustainable organic meats and produce. The farmers market provides the unique experience of being able to speak with and befriend the very people who produce the meats and produce that are sold.


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