San Marcos Municipal Airport Is Ready for Takeoff

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The San Marcos Municipal Airport is in the midst of an expansion.
Brian McCord
The San Marcos Municipal Airport is cleared for takeoff. The city is wrapping up major infrastructure improvements such as lighting enhancement and runway repair, which is the first phase in a 10-year master plan that is now about 30 percent complete. “We’ve laid the foundations to maintain a quality airport in terms of runways and taxiways, and we’re just completing the first phases of that now,” says Richard Mendoza, director of Public Works and Aviation for the city of San Marcos. The airport is working toward the next level of FAA certification, which would allow it to accommodate aircraft carrying more than 28 passengers. The ultimate goal is to make San Marcos a hub for general and corporate aviation. “Especially as the commercial hubs get more and more crowded and the security issues get more inconvenient, the general aviation users become more attracted to private aviation,” Mendoza says. The next steps toward certification are a new air traffic control tower, a project scheduled to begin con­struction in 2009, and an on-site fire-rescue facility. Further down the road, the city hopes to build a new hangar and a new terminal. Much of the development will be located on vacant land north of the airport. “What we envision for that area is to draw in an even greater number of aviation-type commerce, hangars and visitors that will not only frequent the San Marcos Airport but also frequent the businesses in the city of San Marcos itself,” Mendoza says. The airport currently generates between $4 million and $6 million each year in economic benefits for the San Marcos coffers. “So the benefit of future of growth is directly proportional to the economic benefit of the city as a whole,” Mendoza says. “We look forward to great things and becoming more of a visible asset for the city.”



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