Temple, TX Top Employers

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 08:26

Home to multiple manufacturing companies, processing plants and distribution centers, Temple, TX's business climate is thriving. For more information on jobs and economic development in Texas, visit http://businessclimate.com/texas

Temple, TX Area Top Employers

900-2,000 Employees 

Wilsonart International

McLane Company (Corporate)

600-899 Employees

McLane Southwest

PACTIV (formerly Tenneco) Packaging

Wal-Mart Distribution Center

Texas Hydraulics, Inc.


300-599 Employees

Nextel Communications Inc.

Artco-Bell Corporation

Carpenter Company


90-299 Employees

Professional Datasolutions, Inc.

Delta Centrifrugal Corp.

Materials Transportation

DanHil Containers, Inc.

Temple Bottling Co.