Camp Fannin Veterans' Memorial in Tyler, TX

Discover Tyler, TX's military past while visiting Camp Fannin Veterans' Memorial.

Andy Whisenant
On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 14:38

Experience the rich history of Tyler at the Camp Fannin Veterans’ Memorial. Named in honor of Texas Revolutionary War hero, Col. James Walker Fannin, the camp served as a training facility for recruits before they stepped onto the battlefields of World War II.

Once an Army Air Corps Replacement Training Center, the 15,000-acre site became an Infantry Replacement Training Center in 1943. The troops who came through Camp Fannin were sent into battle to replace those who had been killed in action during the war.

More than 200,000 soldiers passed through this economically and socially important military installation between May 1943 and December 1945, before the facility was returned to non-military use in 1946.

Those who spent time training at Camp Fannin have worked to keep alive the memory of their fallen brothers by creating a veterans’ memorial on the grounds of what is now the University of Texas Health Science Center. The memorial, dedicated in 2003, serves to honor the memory and service of those who gave their lives in battle. Leaders hope to expand the memorial in the coming years.

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Andy Whisenant, organizational communications major and Spanish minor, is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University and from Nashville, Tennessee.