Discover Lake Tyler in Tyler, TX

Discover why residents choose Lake Tyler as a favorite spot for fun and family time.

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Lake Tyler at Tyler State Park
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Lake Tyler's recreation areas are a family favorite for fun in east Texas. With a mild climate year round, this spot is a popular stop for both residents and visitors.

The Lake Tyler Department controls six park areas around the lake, where camping, hiking and swimming are encouraged. Several boat ramps are available, many of which are free of charge and open all year. Fishing enthusiasts will enjoy the variety of largemouth and spotted bass, catfish and sunfish that can be found swimming the waters of Lake Tyler.

Lake Tyler also offers great real estate options directly on the water's edge or very close by. TV network HGTV even chose Lake Tyler as the site on which to build its 2005 Dream Home Contest house. Most homes sit on one-acre lots and many are valued at more than $300,000.

The lake, which contains more than 15 billion gallons of water, is maintained by the City of Tyler under strict sanitary controls. The western side of the lake was built in 1949 and serves as the major water supply for the Tyler metro area. The eastern side, completed in 1966, is connected with the western side through a canal. On average, the depth of the lake is 17.6 feet, with the lowest point measuring 40 feet.

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