Liberty Hall in Tyler, TX

Liberty Hall in downtown Tyler, TX represents the rejuvenation of the arts.

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Liberty Hall in Tyler, Texas
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Liberty Hall represents the rejuvenation of the arts in downtown Tyler. In 2008, the City of Tyler purchased the old Liberty Theater and partnered with the East Texas Symphony Orchestra Organization to give the beloved icon new life as well as to promote business and tourism downtown. As a result, this beautifully restored venue, which celebrated its grand reopening in September 2011, now offers a wide range of quality entertainment, including theatrical and comedic performances, concerts and classic films.

The newly renovated Liberty Hall facility features plush red velvet seats, hand-painted inlays and shimmering portal lights in a striking art deco setting reminiscent of theaters from the 1930s. With a perfect blend of '30s décor and modern technology, every seat in this intimate, 315-seat theater is close enough to the stage to enjoy all of the performances.

“You can really see and hear a performance up close and personal,” says Anne Payne, manager of Liberty Hall. “The venue is special to Tyler in that is encouraging new excitement and growth to the downtown area, while offering our community the opportunity to experience great live music, comedy, theater and old movies.”

With the wide variety of shows and events scheduled throughout the year, Liberty Hall offers entertainment the entire family can enjoy.

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