Victoria, TX Health-Care Upgrade

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Citizens Medical Center in Victoria, TX
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From heart problems to hay fever, Victoria’s health-care community has got you covered. The city boasts two major providers, DeTar Healthcare System and Citizens Medical Center. Each has its specialty areas, and combined they make Victoria an excellent place to be if you’re under the weather.

High-tech Procedures

“Innovative surgical procedures, high-tech diagnostics and custom rehabilitation programs at DeTar Hospital Navarro ensure that we have the advanced cardiac services you need to get you better and back to what matters,” says Judith Barefield, director of marketing for DeTar, which operates two hospitals here.

“Our board-certified interventional cardiologists are committed to providing care 24/7. That dedication helps us consistently achieve treatment times exceeding national standards, and it makes a difference in the quality of the program we provide.”

Stroke Center

DeTar also achieved accreditation as a stroke center in 2008, which involved evaluating the entire operation and educating all staff members on identification and treatment of stroke symptoms. It even meant a little outreach.

“Our stroke team worked with the elementary school across the street, teaching them the ‘FAST—face-arms-speed-time’ system to recognize a stroke and get help,” Barefield says.

“Some nurses have even reported seeing the students outside holding up their arms and pointing to their watches!”

Going forward, the hospital plans to build on these programs as it rolls out new measures to keep the community healthy. Barefield says. “Our goal is to provide quality care; we’re a strong facility, and we’re committed to healthcare advancements in our community.”

Across town Citizens Medical Center works hard to live up to its motto of providing quality medical services at reasonable prices. For the past three years, Thomson Reuters has recognized Citizens as one of the 100 Top Hospitals in the country for quality care, safety, patient satisfaction, and affordability.


In 2009 the same organization awarded Citizens the Everest Award, which was given to 23 of the nation’s hospitals, including Duke University Hospital and Vanderbilt University Medical Center, for showing the most rapid five-year rate of improvement in clinical outcomes, patient safety, patient satisfaction, length of stay, and financial stability.

“The medical staff and employees here work so hard to treat each patient like they would want to be treated,” said Shannon Spree, Citizens marketing coordinator.

“We are proud that our hard work brings positive national attention to the Victoria medical community.”

Much of Citizens Medical Center’s success is due to its thriving cardiac program. Citizens has been recognized as the Heart Hospital since the first open heart surgery was performed here in 1971. The hospital maintains its leadership in cardiac care by investing in technology such as the new digital cardiac catheterization lab and CT equipment.

“We also employ a group of board certified interventional cardiologists to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care available in the area, 24 hours a day,” said Spree.

Cardiac Care

Other areas of cardiac leadership include the area’s only accredited Chest Pain Center and a successful cardiac rehabilitation program at Citizens HealthPlex. Citizens’ investment in its patients now extends to the north side of town.

In 2009 Citizens Imaging Center opened to give patients there convenient access to Citizens Medical Center’s imaging and laboratory services. This $9 million building houses CT, MRI, and digital x-ray equipment as well as a laboratory and physician’s offices. A drive-thru pharmacy will be added in the future.

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