Mayborn Museum Creates 'Aha' Moments

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The Mayborn Museum on the campus of Baylor University in Waco is a 143,000-square-foot complex that is bursting with exhibits that range from Indian dwellings to simple machines.

Discovery Rooms in 16 varieties are geared toward hands-on learning for the entire family.

The museum grounds also feature a 13-acre historic village accurately depicting late 19th-century and early 20th-century life in Texas, right down to blacksmith shop and general store.

The museum offers residents in the Heart of Texas a learning environment in which families can engage, explore and enjoy, says Sarah Levine, director of marketing and community relations for the museum.

The museum opened in 2004, bring­ing together collections that have been housed in various venues in the area, some dating to the 1850s.

“So although we are new, we have been around for a long, long time,” Levine says.

The museum also acts as a venue for traveling exhibits, exposing the community to everything from rare jewels to the inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

Every exhibit in Mayborn is engi­neered to inspire genuine curiosity about the world. The goal of the museum, according to Levine, is not to teach, but to expose children and adults to concepts and stories so that they are inspired to discover for themselves.

“Often the most impactful experi­ences are not taught or foreseen,” she says. “The museum tries to create an atmosphere where those great ‘Aha’ moments can occur or where people of all ages can just have fun.”




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