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Having worked as a managing editor, web content strategist and professional blogger, Megan Pacella has a lot of writing and editing experience. Since 2007, Megan has been working on award-winning magazines and websites. Her work has been honored by the Custom Content Council, the Society of National Association Publications and the Web Marketing Association.

Previously, Megan has written for MyBusiness, American Spirit, Hooah!, Soldier and Family Foundations, and Ride magazines. Currently, she is a regular contributor to two Nashville-based magazines: Nashville Lifestyles and Fringe. In addition, Megan has written for Images publications for Sweetwater County, Southern Idaho, Danville/Boyle County, Nashville, Wichita and High Ground Texas.

With a knack for storytelling, Megan spends much of her free time writing her own stories and exploring new things to write about. A lover of all things local, she frequents the coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants owned by the people who live in her neighborhood. But as a new homeowner, the majority of her time is spent digging up her yard and trying to make things grow. You can learn more about Megan’s work life at