Healthy Living in Provo, UT

Comprehensive hospital care and fitness centers work together to keep Provo, UT residents covered.

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Provo's pastoral, mountain setting provides natural motivation for staying fit and healthy, so it's no wonder health care plays a prominent role in Provo's quality of life. Utah Valley Regional Medical Center cares for Provo residents with comprehensive services including the Utah Valley Heart Center, cancer care and the Utah Valley Rehabilitation Center. In addition to its standing as one of Provo's largest employers, the center has more than 450 volunteers offering their services each year.

The Utah Valley Cancer Center recently installed an On-Board Imager, allowing patients to receive cancer care without having to travel to Salt Lake City for treatment. This tool enables physicians to use image-guided radiotherapy, a precise form of treatment that increases accuracy in targeting tumors, the center reports on its Web site. Recognizing the increased need for mental health services, the center has expanded its outpatient psychiatry and psychology services, including hiring four new care providers. Comprehensive care now includes serving pediatric to geriatric patients who require help with mood and anxiety disorders, affective and thought disorders, personality and behavioral problems, and substance abuse and related behaviors.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center also offers advanced minimally-invasive treatment for deep vein thrombosis, which affects about two million people each year. This potentially life-threatening condition occurs when a blood clot forms in large veins, usually in the lower limbs, interfering with circulation.

Prevention and wellness

Canyon Springs Wellness Center which offers health and fitness guidance as well as rehabilitation services to residents recovering from illness or injury. The fitness area includes more than 10,000 square feet of fitness machines. The center is headed by Jeffrey Cameron, whose experience includes work as an actor, writer, lecturer and fitness consultant. Cameron founded Personal Fitness Systems, a comprehensive training program specializing in personal program design, private training, weight-loss and lifestyle management. His clients include area physicians, CEOs of major corporations, the Utah Regional Ballet and the Utah Jazz.

Provo provides housing designed for senior citizens, such as The Courtyard at Jamestown Assisted Living Community, which won Best in State in 2006. Living arrangements include private apartments, a private dining room, complimentary manicures, a theater, concert piano and a library. Those who enjoy the outdoors can take advantage of a walking path and stocked pond.



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