History and Arts in Blacksburg, VA

When it comes time to taking in local culture, both past and present, the choices are plentiful

On Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 10:32

With such gorgeous scenery, many Blacksburg residents choose to spend their free time in the great outdoors. But when it comes time to taking in local culture, both past and present, the choices are just as plentiful.

Historically minded individuals enjoy the Smithfield Plantation House, built by. Col. William Preston. A House of Burgess member, Preston moved his family to Smithfield in the 1770s and made the home a haven of aristocratic elegance and the center of politics in the area.

The Blacksburg Historic District draws people with a love of architecture. Gorgeous examples of Greek revival, Gothic and Colonial American buildings stand proudly around the intersection of Main and Jackson Streets, exemplified by places such as the post office and city hall.

One of the most beautiful buildings of all is the Lyric Theatre, which originally opened in April 1930. Now a movie theater, the structure showcases original tapestries as well as the stunningly restored lobby and auditorium.

A more recent project, Gobble de Art, features artist-designed HokieBirds livening up sidewalks and street corners all over town. Most of the original 75 birds have been purchased and placed in private homes, but the several of the proud poultry still stand outside various businesses, drawing awareness to public art.

Speaking of art, Art Pannonia allows visitors to browse original paintings and sculptures from dozens of diverse creators. And at Virginia Tech’s Armory Art Gallery, rotating exhibits display a myriad of mediums, from ink to clay.

The incredible scenery of Blacksburg is only enhanced by the multitude of cultural activities, making this one of the most artistic and inspiring cities in the region.

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