Sports and Recreation in Blacksburg, VA

Sports and recreation in Blacksburg, VA consists of softball, many hiking trails, rugby, and more.

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Summer Solstice Marathon in Blacksburg, VA
Kevin Young

An energetic high five or spontaneous fist pump can speak volumes.

A sense of teamwork, camaraderie and friendship all can be conveyed with a single gesture on the field … any playing field, from baseball to dodgeball, soccer to rugby. And with the amount of options available to Blacksburg athletes, everyone can get caught up with team spirit.

Blacksburg kids convene every summer on the Blacksburg Church Youth Baseball fields. Girls gear up with Dixie League Softball while the boys break off into their own Little League teams, depending on their ages and skill. Virginia Tech also offers baseball camps and programs each summer.

But it’s not just kids getting in on all this action in Blacksburg. Adults have clubs all over town celebrating every sport imaginable. There’s a Blacksburg Rugby Team, competing in Men’s Division III amateur level games, and even dodgeball is offered at the Blacksburg Community Center. For future Tony Hawks wanting to practice ollies and kickflips, a new skate park opened in 2007.

People who get an adrenaline high from lacing up a pair of running shoes can join up with the Blacksburg Striders, who get together to enjoy group events, races and community service.

For the outdoorsy types who prefer to spend some time alone, there’s a myriad of trails to trek. Part of the Rails to Trails program, Huckleberry Trail offers a quiet escape to stroll along from the library to the New River Mall. In fact, the Blacksburg area features a whopping 60 mountain peaks, where bikers and hikers can wind up Poverty Creek Trail to reach the 2,382-foot crest of High Knob Summit or amble along the Appalachian Trail to reach even more points.

Solo or among friends, Blacksburg is an active place with residents taking advantage of the natural beauty, one trail at a time.

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