Charlottesville city

Photos of Charlottesville, VA

The only time we’d say it’s O.K. to judge a book by its cover is when you’re selecting a best place to live. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of great photos of the area that we think will help you decide whether or not it’s the best place for you.
  • Students at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville
    Todd Bennett
  • Barracks Farms
    Wes Aldridge
  • Monticello Viticultural Area in Virginia
    Theresa Montgomery
  • Jefferson Vineyards
    Todd Bennett
  • Glenwood Station
    Ian Curcio
  • Spring Creek Golf Course in Charlottesville, VA
    Wes Aldridge
  • Daedalus Bookshop in Charlottesville, VA
    Photo by Timothy Jarrett
  • Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
    Todd Bennett
  • Blue Mountain Brewery in Afton, VA
    Photo: Tom Daly Photography
  • Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, VA
  • Main Street Businesses
    Todd Bennett
  • Humpback Rocks Near Charlottesville, VA
    Photo: Charlottesville Albemarle CVB
  • Charlottesville Downtown Mall
    Ian Curcio
  • Jeffrey S. Otto
  • The Paramount Theatre
    Theresa Montgomery
  • Vavino Wine Bar in Charlottesville, VA
    Stephen Cherry
  • Stephen Cherry
  • Charlottesville is a Healthy City
  • The University of Virginia in Charlottesville is surrounded by shops, restaurants, breweries and outdoor attractions.
    Photo: Jane Haley