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Renovated Historic Homes Breathe New Life Into Old Neighborhoods

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Wyndhurst Neighboord in Lynchburg, VA
Kevin Young

To say Lynchburg has a wealth of history would be an understatement. Incorporated in 1805, many of the city's refurbished homes date to bygone eras. More than two centuries later, redevelopment projects all over town are transforming old neighborhoods, particular the seven areas known as “hills.” Established as a plantation around the turn of the 19th century, Diamond Hill became one of Lynchburg’s most prestigious neighborhoods, with a gorgeous array of architecture styles rising up from the streets. Gothic, Italianate and Greek Revival are just some of the more elaborate designs of homes in the area. After falling into disrepair, the Diamond Hill Historical Society was formed, and the area became Lynchburg’s first historic district, now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Several homes have undergone renovations and today show the splendor of what they once were. Federal Hill, the first residential suburb in Lynchburg, was probably named for its many Federal-style homes, known for their ornamental arches. The neighborhood was also home to the city’s first millionaire, who built his antebellum mansion along the slopes of the hill. The area underwent another growth period up to the early 1900s, and several Colonial Revival and Queen Anne homes remain as a result. Like other neighborhoods of its time, many of its historic homes have experienced new life thanks to historical societies pushing for restoration. The same thing is happening in Garland Hill, where many of the area’s oldest homes still stand, including one dating to 1787. Bordered by Blackwater Creek, the neighborhood includes Madison Street, one of the city’s first brick-paved streets, much of which can be seen today. From classic mid-1800s styles to more ornate Victorians, many of the homes have been restored to single-family residences from the rentals apartments they had become, and renovation work is continuously ongoing. And even more projects can be found downtown. At City Market Lofts, three historic buildings have been converted into New-York style open-air lofts with brick walls, hardwood floors and a rooftop terrace. Renters can enjoy downtown living and a little bit of history in one of the most contemporary settings.



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