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Newport News, VA Schools and Schools Ratings

While perhaps not raised and educated in Newport News, VA, more than 89% of residents have earned high school diplomas or higher, with 24% having graduated with a college degree or higher.

Schools Overview

It’s no secret that schools and education opportunities are big motivating factors when choosing a best place to live. This is why we’ve taken the time to provide the most up-to-date statistics on public and private schools in the Newport News, VA, area. We’ve also included data on the education levels of residents, and how to get in touch with the public and private schools near you.

Educational Levels in Newport News, VA

  Bachelor's Degree 15%
  Associate's Degree 9.6%
  Graduate or Professional Degree 9%
  High School Graduate 28.2%
  Some College, No Degree 27.2%
  Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher 24%
  Percent High School Graduate or Higher 89%

School Enrollment in Newport News, VA

School Enrollment Total
114,982 in Newport News, VA.

School Districts in Newport News, VA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Newport News City Public Schools PK-12 1856 12465 Warwick Blvd Newport News Virginia (757) 591-4500
Enterprise Academy Newport News City K-2 813 Diligence Dr Newport News Virginia (757) 591-4971

Private Schools in Newport News, VA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Our Lady of Mount Carmel PK-8 325 52 Harpersville Road Newport News Virginia (757) 596-2754
Trinity Lutheran School PK-8 189 6812 River Road Newport News Virginia (757) 245-2576
Hampton Roads Academy PK-12 644 739 Academy Lane Newport News Virginia (757) 884-9100
St Andrews Episcopal School PK-5 93 45 Main Street Newport News Virginia (757) 596-6261
Warwick River Christian School PK-8 204 252 Lucas Creek Road Newport News Virginia (757) 877-2941
Calvary Seventh-Day Adventist School K-8 30 1200 17th Street Newport News Virginia (757) 244-5438
Parkview Christian Academy Day PK-1 24 1116 Briarfield Road Newport News Virginia (757) 826-4074
Hampton Roads International Montessori School n/a 105 11790 Jefferson Avenue Newport News Virginia (757) 873-8950
Gethsemane Baptist Christian Academy K-2 3509 Chestnut Ave Newport News Virginia (757) 244-5419
Denbigh Baptist Christian School PK-12 190 13010 Mitchell Point Road Newport News Virginia (757) 249-2654
Holy Tabernacle Christian Academy PK-7 14749 Warwick Blvd Newport News Virginia (757) 886-9515
Keystone Academy 6-11 14 17579 Warwick Boulevard Newport News Virginia (252) 369-5304
First Baptist Church Denbigh Child Development Center & Academy PK-6 260 3628 Campbell Road Newport News Virginia (757) 833-7261
East End Academy 1-11 44 2000 27th Street Newport News Virginia (757) 247-0039
Resurrection Lutheran School & Child Care PK-2 35 765 J Clyde Morris Boulevard Newport News Virginia (757) 596-5808
Peninsula Catholic High School 8-12 309 600 Harpersville Road Newport News Virginia (757) 596-7247
Summit Christian Academy - Grammar School PK-6 69 Saunders Road Newport News Virginia (757) 599-9424