Daily Planet Restaurant in Burlington, VT

The Daily Planet Restaurant in Burlington, VT is a space themed restaurant that offers great cocktails and an art gallery.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 08:05

Daily Planet Restaurant in Burlington is a truly out of this world experience.

One of the town's top hang out spots, the Daily Planet's stellar décor entertain patrons visually, while the fresh and flavorful menu and wide variety of cocktails entertain their palates.

Guests can enjoy a Dirty Monkey cocktail, which is a smooth blend of Irish cream, dark rum and cognac, along side a plate of ginger tofu stir fry under the soft ambience of the Planet's Saturn-shaped orb lamps. After dinner the restaurant and bar transforms into an art gallery. Every month new local artists display their modern and eclectic works throughout the restaurant and gallery. The visual appeal of the Daily Planet will never leave guests without something to talk about.

For reservations or to preview some of the newest showings in the gallery, visit the Daily Planet's website.

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