Oak Harbor, WA Activites Overview: Trails, Water Sports

Oak Harbor’s natural setting offers water activities, hiking, biking and golf to keep residents active year round.

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Oak Harbor Marina in WA
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Oak Harbor’s natural surroundings offer water activities, hiking, biking and golf to keep residents active year round.

Hiking, Biking, Birding

Starting on the shore, biking around Whidbey and Camano Islands is a popular pastime for residents and visitors. If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous, try the mountain biking trails throughout the county.

Bird watching is another top draw in Island County. In fact, photographers visit from all over just to catch a glimpse of the unique wildlife in the area.


Whidbey Island also has a few golf courses. Lams Golf Course comes with traditional nine-hole courses as well as an 18-hole miniature golf course for younger players.


The best Oak Harbor activities happen on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. On the surface, you can have a relaxing afternoon sailing around the islands, or thrill seekers can kayak the nearby rapids. The whole family may enjoy boating around the Puget Sound and whale watching for gray whales during the spring and orcas in the fall.

There's also year-round scuba diving, giving divers an up-close look at different underwater creatures.

Parks and Recreation

Oak Harbor also has several community parks for a relaxed afternoon outdoors.

The Oak Harbor Skate Park welcomes skaters and bikers to enjoy their ramps and rails and is open until sundown.

Windjammer Park, also known as City Beach, has playgrounds for young children, basketball courts, baseball fields, a swimming lagoon and barbecue pit. Nugent Park offers soccer and football fields, as well as walking trails and multiple playgrounds.

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