Spokane, WA Business Overview

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Downtown Spokane, WA
Photo by Alan Bisson, courtesy of the Spokane Regional CVB

Spokane's growing business climate is evident in the city's industries and employers. Spokane was also ranked a Best Place to Launch a Small Business in 2009 by CNN Money.

Corporate Headquarters

Spokane is home to the corporate headquarters of Potlatch Corporation and Sterling Financial corporation. Potlatch corporation is a lumber company, collecting lumber from the greater Pacific northwest and distributing it around the country.

Sterling financial corporation is the holding company of Sterling Bank, a leading bank of the northwest.

Major Industries

The city’s most prominent industry is construction, accounting for 9 percent of the city’s business, yet another example of the city’s growing economy.

Accommodation and food services comes in second at 7 percent, while educational services, professional, scientific and technical services, and health care are all tied for third.


Most commuters in Spokane have an average 15-minute travel time to work, but to make transportation throughout the city easier, there’s the Spokane Transit Authority’s public bus system, which stops every hour at different locations.

To the south of the city is the Spokane International Airport for any long-distance travel needs.

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