Spokane, WA Neighborhood Overview

Neighborhoods in Spokane are near good schools, area attractions and parks.

On Tuesday, August 7, 2012 - 15:33

Spokane is a great city for young families, with more than 100 parks and recreation facilities. Residents enjoy easy access to the city’s many points of interest.


Spokane’s Northtown encompasses everything north of the Spokane River. Northtown is a primarily residential community, and most of the homes were built prior to 1970. A great deal of Spokane’s antique shops can be found in Northtown, along with traditional shopping plazas. Three of Spokane’s golf courses are located in Northtown, and the community has a great deal of schools and parks for families to enjoy.

South Hill

The South Hill is Spokane’s old-fashioned neighborhood. This pedestrian-friendly area gives residents great city views. Lots of independent stores and restaurants can be found in South Hill, and the area is filled with trees, providing lots of shade for summer outings in its many parks.


Spokane’s shopping and businesses are concentrated in the downtown area. Downtown offers a real taste of Spokane with its many coffee shops and restaurants, as well as new and used bookstores, boutiques, and nightclubs. Real estate in downtown is mostly apartments and condos.

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