Madison, WI: Business Overview

Madison's business climate is supported by the University of Wisconsin and small businesses.

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Madison, WI
City of Madison

Madison ranks as one of the best cities in the country to launch a small business by, and it’s no wonder why.

As home of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the city has a highly educated workforce. Coupled with a low unemployment rate, Madison is a great place to do business.

Small Business

There is a lot of local support for small businesses. The university has a Small Business Development Center, plus students and graduates are ready to work. An economic development initiative called Thrive is working to foster local growth in three target sectors: biotechnology, agriculture and health care. And their efforts are working. The Madison region contains more than 250 biotech companies employing 10,000 workers, a 64 percent increase in local biotech jobs since the year 2000.


Madison also has a convenient transportation infrastructure that makes traveling in any vehicle easy. Four major interstates go through the region, so the city is connected to metropolitan areas Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities.

The Dane County Regional Airport offers more than 85 flights daily on major airlines flying directly to major U.S. cities or airport hubs. An additional 16 small airports service the region at the county or municipal level. Five freight rail lines operate in the region, while Amtrak makes several stops throughout the state. Also, the bus system has several lines that travel daily to Minneapolis, Milwaukee and Chicago.

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