Madison, WI Best Restaurant: Babcock Hall Dairy Store

Babcock Hall Dairy Store is a local favorite in Madison, WI

On Monday, June 18, 2012 - 10:44
Madison, WI

Wisconsin is synonymous with dairy, and that tradition is celebrated at Madison institution Babcock Hall Dairy Store.

Built on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus 60+ years ago, the dairy plant and store are the oldest of their kind in the country. They were built to support dairy research and education, but the work has great benefit for the Madison community: premium ice cream, cheese and milk. The cheese has won awards, but the ice cream is the real draw.

At any time, the Babcock Hall Dairy Store has between 20 and 25 flavors on hand, including standard, feature and premium flavors, as well as frozen yogurt and sherbet.  

Premium flavor Badger Blast, a rich chocolate ice cream with fudge and chocolate flakes, is sure to be a hit at parties. Luckily, the store is open on football Saturdays, so sweet treats are readily available.

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