Things to Do in Madison, WI

Madison, WI attractions include college football and a well-supported music scene.

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Madison WI
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Sure, football is a big deal in Madison. Thanks to the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Badgers, fans crowd into an almost 90,000-seat stadium on game day. However, there’s more to do in the city than be a spectator.

Festivals and Events

Madison’s calendar is full of festivals and events. The annual Rhythm & Booms is the largest one-day event in the state, and things start with a bang. The festival features the largest fireworks display in the Midwest, and every year for Independence Day about 15,000 firework shells blast into the sky at Warner Park.

Another event in Madison is the Great Taste of the Midwest craft beer festival, which is the second longest running event of its kind in the country. Every second Saturday in August more than 100 brewpubs and microbreweries come to Madison to share their brews with about 6,000 patrons. Tickets go on sale three months in advance, but the festival is so popular that it often sells out within an hour.

Music named Madison one of the Top 10 Cities With the Best Music Scenes, and the city has enough venues and festivals to keep music lovers busy. The Universiy of Wisconsin offers live music five nights a week during the summer, and local bars and coffee shops are a great place for small shows.

If you’re looking for better known artists, the Orpheum Theatre, the Overture Center or the UW Theatre are the best bets. Every summer, about a dozen music festivals take place all over the city, celebrating genres from jazz to cajun.

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