Hospitals in Marshfield, WI

Marshfield, WI is lucky to have two excellent hospitals – Marshfield Clinic and Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital.

On Thursday, May 31, 2012 - 12:05

Robust health-care and biomedical research systems keep Marshfield's residents and economy in good shape.

The Marshfield Clinic  and Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital are the city's top employers, collectively providing more than 5,600 jobs. High-tech health-care and groundbreaking research are big reasons why Marshfield is ranked one of the Top 10 Best Places to Live in America by

The Marshfield Clinic provides health care for much of central Wisconsin. It was established in 1916 and includes several research centers and a soon-to-open dental school. The clinic is somewhat unusual because it has initiated programs that actually decrease its revenue, all for the purpose of supplying better medical care.

Help Lines Decrease Office Visits

“For example, we have a 24-hour Nurse Line where if your child is running a fever at 3 a.m., instead of bundling the child and taking them to the hospital emergency room, just call Nurse Line to first discuss the situation with a registered nurse,” says Dr. Brian Ewert of Marshfield Clinic. “The nurse will advise whether over-the-counter medicine will help, or if the child should indeed be brought to emergency. Nurse Line significantly decreases ER visits.”

Another example is Marshfield's Anti-Coagulation Clinic, which also allows patients to call and talk to experts about blood medication. Ewert says blood thinners are among the most dangerous medications and providing patients with a toll-free help line keeps them safer. The Anti-Coagulation Clinic follows specific protocols, and since phone services have been provided more patients are on-target with their blood thinner medications and don't have complications.

Ewert says that by employing these phone access services, office visits have decreased.

“So our heart and our values are targeted to what we can do to keep our population healthy, which is what the medical profession should be all about.”

Ewert adds that Marshfield Clinic has also opened its seventh dental practice in the region, and has secured more than $20 million for construction of a dental school. In addition, the Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation, which has conducted medical research since 1959, now has 450 technicians who perform more than 20 million medical experiments annually.

Saint Joseph’s

Meanwhile, Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital is the only actual hospital in Marshfield with 524 beds and 40 specialties that include cardiology, oncology and obstetrics. It recently added hyperbaric medicine to provide oxygen therapy for patients with difficult wounds, crush injuries, acute burns and bone infections.

The campus also houses Ministry Saint Joseph's Children's Hospital, one of only three children's hospitals in Wisconsin. Its specialties include pediatric trauma and cancer care along with a Ronald McDonald House for families of seriously ill patients.

Saint Joseph's offers the Child Life Program to all children who are treated at the hospital. This program helps to minimize the stress and potentially negative impacts of hospitalization by providing children with security, comfort, acceptance and affection.

Working with the Marshfield Clinic, Saint Joseph's doctors have developed a groundbreaking program to treat heart attack victims as quickly and efficiently as possible. Called "Rescue1," the program unites the efforts of emergency medical technicians, medical transportation services and community hospitals to rapidly transfer patients to advanced care centers. Once a Rescue1 patient arrives at a center, a cardiology team begins immediate diagnosis and treatment. The combined efforts and communication between each team dramatically reduces the time between diagnosis and treatment.

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