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West Virginia American Water Invests in Infrastructure Improvements

By Livability on November 15, 2021

West Virginia American Water
Courtesy of West Virginia American Water

Can you imagine not having clean, fresh water available when you turn on your faucet, or lacking water during an emergency? 

Thanks to West Virginia American Water and its unparalleled commitment to its customers, those are situations Advantage Valley residents don’t face. 

As the state’s largest water service provider, West Virginia American Water serves one in three West Virginia residents — that’s 565,000-plus people across 365 communities — and places its primary focus on ensuring each customer can count on safe, reliable water and wastewater service. 

The company is proud to put its pledge to work, investing heavily in infrastructure improvements and advancements. 

For example, the utility invested approximately $78 million in 2020, and is on track to invest $80 million in 2021, to upgrade water and wastewater treatment and pipeline systems in each region of the state, including treatment plants, tanks, pump stations, pipes, fire hydrants and metering equipment, and continued to monitor water quality every step of the way. 

“Infrastructure investment is incredibly important to economic development,” says Megan Hannah, external affairs manager for West Virginia American Water. 

“It’s imperative that we can provide reliable utility service with solid infrastructure to support the needs of businesses and individuals, and to assist the economic development of the region,” she adds. 

In addition to highly trained water quality professionals testing and analyzing water samples and verifying that the quality meets or exceeds federal and state drinking water standards, West Virginia American Water utilizes the resources of American Water’s Central Laboratory, which is one of the nation’s most advanced water quality laboratories. 

Over the past few years, the utility has accelerated its water main replacement rate from a 400-year to 100-year replacement cycle, exceeding the national average rate and greatly improving the reliability of service for its customers. 

“It is our mission and our core business to deliver each of our customers the high-quality, safe, affordable water that they deserve — and that’s exactly why we’re so committed to keeping our infrastructure as sound as possible,” Hannah concludes. 

To learn more about West Virginia American Water, visit amwater.com/wva

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