Cabell Co. Schools Set Students Up for Success

Huntington school system implements a diverse array of programs and initiatives that set students up for success.

Sarah Kuta
On Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 13:57

Haley Belcher knows how to properly process a crime scene – lifting fingerprints, bagging evidence, taking photographs – and she can fearlessly take charge and lead a group of people. And she hasn’t even graduated from high school yet.

Belcher, 17, is a rising senior at the Cabell County Career Technology Center, where high school students and adults gain hands-on experience and skills that translate directly to the workplace, a college laboratory or classroom, or any other path they want to pursue.

“The school cares so much about our well-being,” says Belcher, who plans to study criminal psychology at Marshall University after high school. “It’s so much more than, ‘Come in, get certified, go out into the world.’ They really get to know us and help us figure out how to sustain a healthy future for ourselves.”

Cabell County Schools is redefining what it means to prepare students for college and a career. Working with industry, economic development and educational leaders, the school district is implementing a diverse array of programs and initiatives that set students up for success, no matter their goals or aspirations.

“The responsibility to prepare students for college and the workplace is really at our core,” says Ryan Saxe, Cabell County Schools superintendent. “We really have a moral imperative to society to make sure we are always doing everything we can to prepare our students to be successful after their secondary education. We have to make sure our students can become productive citizens in a global society.”

The district is infusing career and technical education into its general curriculum through its College and Career Academies, customizable programs that give students real-world experience in a career interest area, such as health science and wellness, human and public services, and business and fine arts.

Students at the career technology center are gaining specialized knowledge in fields like automotive technology, carpentry, app and game design, graphic design, welding, and law and public safety.

Adults can also take advantage of the center’s offerings through specialized evening programs in licensed practical nursing, electricity, automotive technology and HVAC.

In collaboration with the West Virginia Department of Education, the district also offers its Simulated Workplace program to help students learn about concepts like safety, professionalism and attendance.

Not only are students more engaged at school, but they’re also inspired to take ownership of their performance while learning to work in teams.

Above all else, the district is proud of its talented and highly trained teachers and staff members, who ensure that students thrive – both inside and outside the classroom.

“We have the best educators you could possibly have teaching these programs,” Saxe says. “But it goes beyond that. We have a family philosophy. Our teachers and service personnel go above and beyond to make sure the needs of our students are met.”

To learn more about Career and Technical Education programs offered, please contact the Cabell County Career Technology Center by calling (304) 528-5106.

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