Wyoming Company Westech Is Big Player in Mining Equipment

Westech designs, engineers and manufactures bodies for huge trucks that haul trona, uranium, gold, silver, copper and molybdenum from mines throughout Wyoming.

Nan Bauroth
On Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 09:00

Coal, trona, uranium, gold, silver, copper and molybdenum. Westech designs, engineers and manufactures bodies for huge trucks that haul these minerals out of mines throughout Wyoming.

"For example, a mining company purchases a large truck made by Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi or whomever, but those trucks are purposely built without bodies,” says Rich Peters, Westech sales manager for North America. "The mining company then contacts us to construct a truck body that is ideal for use in the particular mine where that company is excavating.”

Peters says Westech, which was founded in 1938 and is based in Casper, first sends its engineers into the mine to see what truck body would be ideal.

"We look at the conditions of roads in and out of the mine, and examine the shovels and buckets and other loading equipment will be used to fill the truck bodies,” he says. "Our goal is to have mining companies get maximum use from our truck bodies, so the companies achieve maximum payloads.”

One of Westech's truck bodies - attached to a three-story truck – can haul 447 tons of coal, enough coal to fill more than 4 1/2 railroad cars, a full-day's supply of fuel for a power plant. That hauling capacity earned the company an entry into the Guiness World Records book in fall 2011.

Peters says most of Westech's business is with mining companies in Wyoming, but it also ships truck bodies worldwide.

"We deal with mining companies in Niger and Senegal, Africa, as well as Mongolia and into South America,” he says. "We also ship to Canada. We're quite diversified.”

Westech manufactures more than 550 bodies annually. Peters says because the company has gained a global reputation, it will have a major presence in September 2012 at MINExpo International in Las Vegas – the world's largest and most comprehensive exposition dedicated to mining.

"Our display on the main floor at MINExpo will include a huge water tank painted with beautiful murals of Wyoming, such as the Grand Tetons, antelope, elk, buffalo and minerals,” he says. “We are proud of Westech, and proud to do business in Wyoming. It's an easy state in which to do business.”


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