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Cheyenne Veterans Medical Center in Cheyenne, WY
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Cheyenne is emerging as the region’s health-care destination with two hospitals‚ including Wyoming’s only Veterans Administration hospital.

Andy Ruben‚ spokesman for the Cheyenne Veterans Administration Medical Center‚ says the hospital provided more than 137‚000 outpatient visits in fiscal 2005.

The VA center’s service area includes southeast Wyoming‚ northern Colorado and western Nebraska‚ where about 68‚000 veterans live‚ he says.

The VA also supports outpatient clinics in Fort Collins and Greeley‚ Colo.‚ and Sidney‚ Neb. The hospital treats veterans for major and minor health problems and other conditions including post-combat trauma and offers programs such as telemedicine and home-based care.

The VA is planning to offer Cheyenne-area veterans even more services in 2006. Ruben says the facility is opening a new endoscopy suite and is constructing a physical and occupational therapy area for its specialty clinics. The endoscopy suite opens in 2006‚ and the therapy units are expected to open in early 2007‚ he says. The hospital also is renovating its 50-bed nursing home care unit inside and outside. The interior will offer a larger day room and an aviary for residents to observe birds. The outside of the home also is being renovated to provide more accessibility and security so veterans can enjoy outdoors activities‚ Ruben adds.

“We will have a new greenhouse‚ so they can do some gardening‚” he says. “Basically‚ fiscal 2006 is a great year for Cheyenne VA with the expansion of the physical space‚ and a great year for veterans in our homes because they will have more creature comforts.”

Cheyenne also boasts one of the state’s largest hospitals. United Medical Center continues to renovate and expand programs to offer services that can’t be found elsewhere in its two facilities‚ UMC West and UMC East. For instance‚ the hospital’s private patient tower provides 120 private patient rooms with remote-controlled window shades and lights as well as an extra place to sleep for family members in every room.

Each patient floor also offers family members fully equipped kitchens and dining areas to offer at-home touches.

The center first started as a tent hospital constructed by the Union Pacific Railroad in 1867 to treat injured workers building the transcontinental railroad. Over the years‚ United Medical Center moved from the tent to permanent buildings‚ each time expanding space to allow room for more patients. The hospital under its present name and format was formed in 1993‚ and today employs 1‚600‚ including 145 physicians and medical staff.

“United Medical Center is the premier regional health care system that prides itself on delivering the highest standard of quality care to meet the region’s growing health care needs‚” hospital spokesman Mary Baze says.

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