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The hospital serves Gillette and northeastern Wyoming

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Gillette residents know that health care is a priority in the region — they can see it coming out of the ground at Campbell County Memorial Hospital. The hospital, which serves Gillette and northeastern Wyoming, is in the midst of a $48 million, three-year remodeling and expansion project. The 160,000-square-foot expansion and tandem renovation includes everything from an expanded emergency room to larger patient suites, not to mention new technology and services both on and off site that will allow the facility to handle Gillette’s explosive growth for the next few decades.

For good measure, there’s even a 180-space parking structure to handle all of the traffic that’s already being generated by the new and expanded offerings at the hospital. “We were rated A-minus by S&P for the bond financing, which we were very happy about,” says Robert Morasco, chief executive officer.  “But the expansion is just one part of all that we’re looking to do here. We’re also going to take part of our existing space and turn that into a physician clinic because we’ve been recruiting so successfully that we’ve run out of space. And we’ve also remodeled our lab space and renovated and expanded our emergency room, so we’re doing a lot of rehabbing even as we’re into all this new construction.”

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Taking the ER from eight to 16 beds will ease traffic there, but the hospital has also spun out several community clinics in an effort to treat patients away from the main facility as well. “We now own and operate six clinics, and have a comprehensive health program where they are integrated with our occupational health and hospital services for businesses,” Morasco says. “Now people can get wellness testing done at the walk-ins seven days a week, and not have to come to the hospital.

And businesses also can send their employees to those clinics for evaluation and treatment for non-major injuries. We’ve worked to integrate all of our services into the community for residents and businesses.” The hospital also has opened Hospice/Hospitality House, a facility with hospice and hospitality beds that also will house the outpatient hospice and home-health programs.

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These new and expanded services, in addition to an array of new doctors and the ever-expanding offerings at the hospital and clinics, are already making a huge impact on the community, Morasco says. “People are pleased, but they’re used to seeing a lot of construction because we’re growing so rapidly around here,” he says. “We’ll be doing a lot of things after this is over, such as renovating and remodeling patient rooms on an ongoing basis, but this is setting the stage for us for at least the next 10 to 20 years. The community is very excited, and so are we.”



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