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See how the Gillette Adventurarium Science Center helps children learn by having fun.

On Friday, March 23, 2012 - 14:45
Gillette, WY Adventurarium Science Center

With top-notch facilities like Campbell County School District's Adventurarium science center‚ there is no doubt that learning at all levels is a priority.

Educational Resources

Foresight by Gillette-Campbell County officials and abundant energy-industry resources helped the school district develop excellent programs and facilities‚ including a planetarium‚ aquatic center and Einstein’s Adventurarium. The Adventurarium‚ which draws 12‚000-15‚000 visitors annually from Wyoming and neighboring states‚ is a key part of the schools’ science curriculum.

Former Director Rollo Williams says the facility provides hands-on learning‚ with interactive exhibits where children experiment with bubbles‚ create rainbows‚ work with light and shadow‚ and learn about minerals and many types of animals.

“We cover the whole gamut of science here‚” Williams says. “The philosophy is‚ ‘Don’t show me; don’t tell me: Let me do it and I won’t forget.’ ” Williams‚ who came to the area nearly three decades ago after a western honeymoon‚ helped launch the Adventurarium in 1990.

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Learning Center's Growth

The center has grown and is now “bursting at the seams‚” Williams says. The solution to the center’s space problem is on the drawing board. Plans are under way for a $14 million Challenger Learning Center and Science Complex of Wyoming in Gillette‚ including space for the Adventurarium‚ Electric Sky II Theater and Planetarium.

There are 44 Challenger centers nationwide that are part of a program established in 1986 by families of the astronauts killed in the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle. Part of the funding for the Wyoming complex would come from a proposed capital facilities tax in Campbell County.

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