Colleges in Gillette, WY

Gillette College, University of Wyoming's Northeast Regional Center, Technological Education Center and more.

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Gillette, WY Colleges
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Gillette, WY, offers many opportunities for students to receive a higher education. Colleges in the town and surrounding areas consist of the following schools:

Gillette College

Gillette College ensures that all those well-trained young people don’t have to leave the county to continue their studies after high school. The college offers two-year associate degrees and certificate programs, as well as workforce development and retraining facilities for local businesses and industries. It also provides distance-learning programs for those who wish to pursue four-year and advanced degrees at other institutions of higher learning.

The college is so popular that it has added dormitories for on-campus living, as well as a Technological Education Center with a culinary training center, computer labs, study areas and classrooms. The kitchen space will not only serve college students, but also offer college prep classes for high school students looking to get into the culinary arts.

Schools in Gillette, WY

More Higher Education Opportunities

Another option for students who want to continue their education after high school is the University of Wyoming's Northeast Regional Center, which has a location in Gillette. Students can participate in distance learning programs through various forms of technology while still enjoying a classroom experience with peers.

Those wanting to pursue a career in the beauty industry may choose to attend Gillette's College of Cosmetology. Owned by Laura Wierzbicki, a member of the National Cosmetologists Association, the school prepares students to find employment by offering training in cosmetology, hairstyling, manicuring and esthetics.

Cosmetology courses take place Tuesday through Saturday, and to earn a license, students must complete 2,000 hours of training. A license in Nail Technology requires 400 hours of coursework, while an Esthetics license requires 600 hours. Students obtaining a Hairstyling license complete 1,250 hours of training.

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