The Best Neighborhoods in Gillette, WY

Housing options are as wide open as the countryside in Gillette and Campbell County.

On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 17:27
Gillette, WY Best Neighborhoods

Housing options are as wide open as the countryside in Gillette and Campbell County. With older neighborhoods, apartment and condominium complexes, amenity-loaded subdivisions and more, there's something for everyone here.


Buyers and sellers alike have long found Gillette to be a great market for homes. Thanks to new construction in recent years, plenty of new, single-family homes are available here, as well as several styles of condominiums. The economic slowdown didn’t hit the Gillette market as hard as other parts of the country, and homes here are selling, on average, for around $236,000.


As the coal industry in Campbell County expanded, so did its residential communities. One of the newest is Wright, created in the late 1970s at the edge of the Thunder Basin National Grassland. The community of around 2,000 is near many major attractions, including Hay Creek Golf Course and the Durham Ranch, and offers primarily single-family homes in a variety of sizes and styles.

Gillette, WY is a Great Place to Live

Antelope Valley-Crestview

More rural living can be had in the Antelope Valley-Crestview area, a census-designated place (CDP) with around 1,700 residents. Average home prices here have been climbing steadily in recent years, and now are around $278,000.

Sleepy Hollow

Residents of Sleepy Hollow also enjoy newer housing, the average property being 15 years old. This community is composed largely of families, reflected in its mostly traditional, single-unit designs.

Recluse, Rozet, Weston

Campbell County offers even more housing options in the unincorporated communities of Recluse, Rozet and Weston. Rozet, said to be named for its wild roses, was founded in the 1890s. Weston sits along the Little Powder River in the county’s northern reaches. Along with Recluse, these communities offer rural charm and a mix of homes in older neighborhoods and newer developments.

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