Steakhouses in Rock Springs, WY

Burgers and steaks are on the menu in a big way in Sweetwater County.

On Sunday, June 17, 2012 - 23:34
Rock Springs

Burgers and steaks are on the menu in a big way in Sweetwater County.

Grub's Drive-In

Take the Shamrock Burger at Grub's Drive-In in Rock Springs. Made with two homemade patties topped with Velveeta cheese, it is cooked to order on a flattop grill and served up with mustard, pickle and onions. Most regulars order it with a side of fries smothered in gravy.

"We keep it simple," says Marcy Skorup, who runs Grub's with her husband, Dave. "These are old-fashioned, greasy burgers. We even have T-shirts that say 'Nutritionally Incorrect Diner.'"

Nutritionally incorrect or not, this legendary Rock Springs greasy spoon is a hit. On any given day the relaxed dining room is packed with regulars. The restaurant has been family owned and operated since 1946 — slices potatoes fresh every day for their fries and is also known for its extra thick, homemade shakes.

 "We are still doing things the way they did 62 years ago," Skorup adds. "Different people, different times, but the burgers are the same."

Rodeo Grill

If your taste runs more toward buffalo than beef, check out Rodeo Grill, which specializes in rotisserie meats like beef tenderloin, ginger-lime buffalo and raspberry pork tenderloin carved tableside.

Coyote Creek Steakhouse and Saloon

At Coyote Creek Steakhouse and Saloon, hand-cut, in-house steaks are the main attraction. Many diners opt to have them topped with jumbo lump crabmeat or the popular “au poivre”, tossed with black peppercorns and topped with a brandy-cream sauce.

“We use only the finest ingredients, and we try to pay attention to detail,” says owner Dory Doud.

Rodeo Grill

12 Purple Sage Road

Rock Springs, Wyo. 82901

(307) 362-0907

Coyote Creek Steakhouse & Saloon

404 N. Street

Rock Springs, Wyo. 82901

(307) 382-4100

Grub’s Drive-In

415 Paulson St.

Rock Springs, Wyo. 82901

(307) 362-6634

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