Business and Economy in Carlisle-Rockledge, AL

Being a great place to live also means being a great place to work. A thriving economy helps the tax base (so there’s more money for city improvements) and helps a city attract and retain talent. The median household income in Carlisle-Rockledge , AL, is $35,938, and check out the following articles to get an inside look at its key industries and job opportunities.

Employment Overview

While employment opportunities often play a big part in why people move, a city’s unemployment rate also is a major indicator of an economy’s overall health. Regardless of whether personal employment is a factor, lower unemployment rates often mean a region is better able to attract and retain skilled workers, new industries and retailers. The statistics, here, should provide valuable insight into the health and diversity of Carlisle-Rockledge ’s economy.

Employment Rate in Etowah County, AL

  Employed 94.4%
  Unemployed 5.6%

Occupations in Carlisle-Rockledge , AL

Employment in Carlisle-Rockledge , AL

Employment Armed Forces 0%
Employment Civilian Labor Force 59%
Employment Not in Labor Force 41%
Employment Total in Labor Force 59%

Industry in Carlisle-Rockledge , AL

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting and Mining 1.1%
Construction 6.3%
Manufacturing 25.2%
Wholesale Trade 4.7%
Retail Trade 18%
Transportation and Warehousing, and Utilities 11.1%
Information 0.7%
Finance and Insurance, and Real Estate and Rental and Leasing 2.1%
Professional, Scientific and Management and Administrative and Waste 2.8%
Educational Services and Health Care and Social Assistance 10.6%
Arts, Entertainment and recreation and Accommodation and food Services 9.1%
Other Services, Except Public Administration 4.4%
Public Administration 3.8%