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The Best Places in the U.S. for Amazing Experiences & Adventures

Job opportunities? Check.

Affordability? Yep!

Great health care and education? Yes and yes.

Now comes the fun part when choosing where to live: What can I do outside of work hours?

With work-life balance a top priority (especially among Millennials!), things to do in a prospective city — outdoor recreation, volunteering, entertainment venues, art museums, restaurants, parks and open spaces, bars and events — are just as relevant. 

All across the country, chefs shine a light on fresh, seasonal produce grown by local farmers and ranchers with innovative farm-to-table menus. Cities are building miles and miles of accessible trails so that everyone has a chance to walk, run, bike, hike or use a wheelchair to explore the great outdoors. 

Communities are starting new traditions — and putting a modern twist on old ones — with meaningful events and beloved annual festivals. Bartenders are stirring up creative cocktails, and craft breweries are fermenting delicious, boundary-pushing beers. Museums are hosting world-class exhibits that encourage deep conversations, and galleries and community arts organizations inspire budding young artists to pursue their dreams.  

A little farther from home, there’s never been a better time to travel — no matter your budget or your favorite type of trip. Whether you’re seeking heart-pumping adventures in the mountains of Idaho, an arts and culture immersion in Albuquerque or a family-friendly weekend in Las Vegas — or something else entirely — there’s an itinerary out there that’s right for you. 

Don’t feel like leaving your house? No problem. You can be inspired from your couch while perusing photos of the hidden castles and treehouses of Ohio or learning the fascinating backstories of repurposed hotels that used to be something else.  

And who knows, you may just fall in love with a city while you’re visiting — and be inspired to make a big move. If you’re a remote worker, you may want to join the hordes of “snowmads” who spend the winter months in warm places. If you’re hoping to advance in your career, start a family, launch a new business or go back to school, then exploring the best places to live just might give you the push you need to start the next chapter of your life. 

Experience all that the world — and your local neighborhood — has to offer. You’re sure to find inspiration everywhere you look. 

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