Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live

Sure, every city has parks, storefronts, homes, museums and streets. While that infrastructure is important for making cities tick, it’s the people who live and work there who really make a community feel like home. A city’s residents are its heartbeat. 

All across the country, people are making a difference, both personally and professionally. They’re volunteering their time, expertise and money to local causes and organizations they’re passionate about and, in doing so, they’re inspiring others along the way. 

Neighbors are more than just people who live next door — they keep an eye out for each other and hold each other up when times get tough. In Iowa City, a group of volunteers spontaneously sprang into action to deliver groceries and run errands for those most at risk of COVID-19. In Pennsylvania, people celebrate 1-4-3 Day in honor of Fred Rogers from “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” — an entire holiday built around kindness! And in North Carolina, health care workers are making warm, waterproof sleeping bags for the homeless (and keeping materials out of the landfill to boot). These and other inspiring stories are what make communities special.

When people are proud of where they live, it shows — big time. It’s the feeling you get when your college marching band plays the fight song, when your kids have a blast at a local festival or your company raises money for a good cause. Community pride shows up everywhere you look, from football players and fans waving at patients in an Iowa children’s hospital to a Colorado community celebrating its indigenous and Spanish roots. Your job also plays a big role in your sense of fulfillment and love for your community, whether you’re a master cheesemaker or a wildlife tour guide

Communities are also making big strides toward becoming more diverse and inclusive of all residents and visitors. A gallery in Tulsa is confronting decades of racism and leading community conversations about how to move forward. Cities of all sizes are welcoming LGBTQ communities with open arms. Refugees are starting businesses and families in communities across the country — with plenty of love and support from their neighbors to help them along the way.

After all, when you love where you live, it’s easy to share the love with others, too.

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